Why Narendra Modi Keeps Winning Elections in India

Narendra Modi is undefeated in electoral politics in India. In Gujarat, it was never the question of whether he will win. The question was how many seats Congress will be reduced to? In the national elections, the situation is not so dire for the opposition parties. However, the overall result remains the same – Narendra Modi wins, rest lose.

Narendra Modi has been in electoral politics since 2002. He has been in politics forever. Considering such a long time-frame, it would be fair to expect that somebody would have found him out. He is pitted against some of the wiliest dynast politicians, English media does not like him much, liberals exist only to loathe him; yet none of them is able to find a way to defeat him. It is not that he does not any weaknesses. He has lots of past baggage and he keeps adding to it.

Narendra Modi will win India 2019. Even going forward, he will keep winning elections. What would be the reasons?

Narendra Modi cannot be attacked personally

This reason is so simple and obvious. Congress has been attacking him personally nonstop since Gujarat 2002 by-elections of Rajkot when he first won. This strategy has yielded zilch benefits, rather the returns are negative, yet Congress keeps doing it nonetheless.

The same mistake gets repeated by other opposition parties across India. These political leaders are so blinded by their hatred towards him that they cannot make out their strategy is not working at all. The more they attack him, the stronger he becomes.

Narendra Modi is a politician, of course, he is. But, he is unlike others. And, the electorate knows it. They do not like when he gets attacked personally. They teach a lesson to whoever does this. Yet, the opposition parties do not learn this basic tactic.

Narendra Modi cannot be defeated by a career politician

He was afraid of Arvind Kejriwal, not any longer though. Indian politicians have to look at their own selves, liberals have to look at their favourite picks, Indian Media will anyways not do a sensible thing – Why electorate trusts Narendra Modi whenever his name is in the fray?

Indian electorate is notorious for electing corrupt and criminals. So, yes, they know who the Indian politicians are and they are comfortable electing them. Yet, they also know the difference between these crooks and Narendra Modi. Hence, he keeps getting elected.

At any point in time, if the Indian electorate has to choose between a person/party that is not into career politics and Narendra Modi; he is not going to have any chance to win.

The so-called failures of Narendra Modi are not failures for the general public

This is another flight of fancy from the opposition parties, the liberals and the media. They keep speaking to each other and keep announcing how demonetization has damaged the Indian economy. They cannot let go of demonetization as one of the biggest failures of the Narendra Modi government. The second failure being GST.

Let’s get this straight. Indian public supported demonetization and support it, even as on date. GST never affected anyone in Indian public – positively or negatively. The people are worried about jobs and agrarian crisis and all, but the logical extension to blame Narendra Modi for all these issues does not happen.

He has failures and he has loads of it. The first and foremost is execution. None of his schemes delivers – be it Ayushman Bharat or MUDRA or for that matter even Swachh Bharat. Yet, the opposition parties keep barking at the wrong tree. They do not want to do any homework to dig out his obvious failures. They continue to blame what the electorate continues to support or are least bothered about.

Opposition parties cannot get to any person from Narendra Modi’s team

Mamata Banerjee lost Mukul Roy. Assam Congress lost Himanta Biswa Sarma. Naveen Patnaik lost Jay Panda. All these people were second in command in their parties. Congress cannot even keep the allegiance of their spokesperson – Priyanka Chaturvedi or Tom Vadakkan intact.

What do these people do after leaving their respective parties? They plot the downfall of their erstwhile parties. Now, find an example of one politician of repute who would have left Narendra Modi? No, Shatrughan Sinha does not fit in this class.

He has sidelined so many politicians in the BJP. He has finished the careers of so many BJP politicians. Yet, the opposition parties are not able to tap into of these disgruntled people to find a weakness of Narendra Modi, leave aside his core team, and have a crack at him.

Narendra Modi can be defeated by a person who can show even a larger dream

Narendra Modi is a master orator. He has sold the dream of Achhe Din to India. Indian public likes to hear tributes to their own selves. None does it better than this person.

He does not tell people how awfully rotten their fate is. Rather, he puts them on the next flight to aspirations which he does not any competency to fulfil. And, none of the opposition parties has the capability to do this at his level.

It will be a person who comes up with a better-articulated promise for India and Indians that will be able to defeat Narendra Modi.

Summing Up

Business, as usual, delivers usual results. When the same things are repeated, the results also remain the same. Opposition parties in India do not get this simple message. They will not get it either, because this message is adverse to their existence.

The result – Narendra Modi will keep winning elections in India.

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