Kondapochamma Sagar Could Be A Lively Tourist Spot

Kondapochamma Sagar is an outstanding picturesque locale. It is a breathtaking scenic and lovely spot. At any point in time, water with adjoining green spaces makes for an awe-inspiring view and experience. And, Kondapochamma Sagar ticks all the right boxes in this regard.

To further aid the harried urban-dwellers of Hyderabad, Kondapochamma Sagar is within a striking distance of 50 km from the city. It does not require advance planning to visit this man-made engineering marvel.

How to reach Kondapochamma Sagar?

Hitch on to a pleasant ride on the smooth Karimnagar Highway. On the way, you can gaze at the charming Shamirpet lake, stop by at the Ratnalayam temple, if you please, admire the lush green fields and keep looking at the Google Maps.

Looking at Google Maps is a must as there are no road-signs for the Kondapochamma Sagar. You would wonder why Government does not put sign-boards along the way for a location having the potential of a block-buster tourist spot.

Anyway, once you take a right from Gowraram, keep asking people the way to the front gate as again there is no signage. When we went and as Google reviews will tell you, the front gate is closed for some repairs. You are lucky if you find it open. We were not.

We were told to take the back gate for reaching the reservoir. So, again go back to Gowraram, take a left towards Hyderabad and keep asking for another left turn. Soon, you will reach there.

What to do?

The sight of the water will drive you off your feet. You will reach for your mobile or DSLR camera, if you are a pro, and start capturing the astounding natural beauty. You will go on and on. After 20-25 minutes of admiring the surroundings and taking snaps, you will realize that there is nothing else to do. An absolute nothing.

Google reviews inform that people typically spend up to 30 minutes here. It is spot on. There is no way possible that anyone can spend more time than this at Kondapochamma Sagar. We took the back gate, but I seriously doubt if the front gate would be any different.

There are no amenities here. Leave aside amenities, there are no places to sit. Not even a shed. There are no shops to buy even water. There are no rest-rooms either. It is just water and you.

I suppose what we are calling walk-ways or drive-ways for picnic-goers is a road for official vehicles to pass through for checking and maintaining the reservoir. It does not look like there was any plan by the Government to turn Kondapochamma Sagar into a public place. Which, actually it is turning out to be.

What could have been done at Kondapochamma Sagar?

Kondapochamma Sagar is a reservoir for irrigation purpose. Alongside, if it can also serve as a quick getaway tourist destination and has the potential to be a crowd-puller, why would the Government not do that?

The area is rich in flora and fauna. Aided by the scenery of the reservoir, a nature park could have been built.

Migratory birds are sure to be a guest of this reservoir. Bird-watching locations could be developed. Even if not for migratory birds, watch-towers would have helped to survey the water and vast greenery around.

A host of recreation facilities can be provided – boating and sailing are the prime candidates.

A floating restaurant or for that matter any eatery with water on the side would do brisk business.

The reservoir can also serve an educational purpose for children of all ages. A museum could have been built detailing out the project – conception, design, construction, benefits, canals etc. The reservoir would have displaced a certain number of people entailing humanitarian costs affecting their lives and livelihoods. Their sacrifice for a larger common good, followed by successful resettlement and rehabilitation could also be included as a human component of the big projects that displace people.

To be honest, the potential is limitless.

Better late than never

Normally, no such big projects like Kondapochamma Sagar get executed in the vicinity of a metro city. Now, that this one has been built and done so brilliantly, why not build on it? Why limit the benefits to only irrigation, when so many livelihoods can get created by just a bit of imagination and application?

If the Government does not get its act right, private shops will open and create an unregulated mess. The pristine beauty of Kondapochamma Sagar will be lost forever with unplanned and haphazard commercial expansion. Left to fend itself, the reservoir might become another Ameenpur Lake.

Request the Government to take up the development works at the reservoir. This is an opportunity that should not be missed either for the sake of the lake or for nature, least for the tourists.

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