IPL 2020: A Selfless Service To The Nation In Crisis

India loves IPL. IPL also loves India. To showcase this single-minded devotion and dedication to India and Indians, IPL 2020 is setting an example for self-less service to the nation in crisis. IPL 2020 is leading from the front to alleviate the pain that the country is suffering internally and externally. Kudos to IPL and BCCI.

Ever since the COVID pandemic broke and IPL got postponed, there have been relentless reports in the media how the non-staging of IPL is going to affect the country adversely. There have been reports of how people are losing their livelihoods as IPL is not happening. The media has reported how the young cricketers are being robbed of the chance to showcase their skills to the world.

No more worries. The white knight is descending to kick-start the Indian economy in dire times. IPL 2020 will ensure that Indians will no more be unduly worried about the existential crisis facing them and the country. IPL 2020 will change the mood of the country by self-sacrificing in awful times.

The Chinese aggression

China is snapping at India’s heels. China is trying to occupy India’s sovereign territory. 20 Indian soldiers have lost their lives fighting the Chinese intrusion. There is revulsion in the country towards China and Chinese products. Now, it so happens that IPL and BCCI operate on money provided by Chinese companies. So, what’s to be done?

BCCI top brass has decided to “stick to the sponsors”, citing a lack of time to look for alternatives. Imagine the plight of poor BCCI Bosses. They would want to kick-out the Chinese companies but do not have the time to do so. They are sacrificing their patriotism so that Indians get to watch IPL 2020. There cannot be anything more nationalistic than this.

When Prime Minister has set an example by blinking and retreating to Chinese aggression, BCCI has just followed the template of patriotism.

The COVID cases

India has the 3rd highest COVID case-load in the world. The national flattening of the curve seems nowhere in sight. The horror stories of people unable to find hospital beds for their family members abound. Forget the migrant workers and all; even the Government doesn’t know who they are. The situation in the country is not conducive to hold the tournament. So, what’s to be done?

BCCI top brass has decided to stage IPL 2020 in UAE. BCCI is sacrificing the opportunity to play in the motherland and going to an alien country. They will “create comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and deliver a bio-secure environment for safe and successful conduct of IPL 2020 season”. So much of trouble in a foreign land, but they will do so for the sake of the Indian fans.

Well, the major European Football Leagues completed their season. The NBA has resumed in the USA. Even in cricket, England has played West Indies. Why single out IPL? The above-mentioned sporting events got conducted after the curves were nearly flattened (the US is an exception, but they also have Trump as President). More importantly, they play in their own countries. They do not ditch their country in the middle of the crisis for the sake of the moolah.

Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah

It so happens that the current BCCI regime has completed their tenure. As per the Lodha Committee, they cannot be re-elected, as they need to have a cooling-off period. So, what’s to be done?

For the sake of the Indian cricket fans, Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah have chosen to break the law. They have decided to continue in their roles and discharge their responsibilities to BCCI and IPL. Such dedication towards duty. Who says Indians are careless towards their jobs?

Supreme Court of India appointed Lodha Committee and the then Chief Justice if India foisted its recommendations on BCCI. Now, with the changes of the CJI, the priorities also change. Who would care if the stipulated rules and regulations are done away with? Anything in the name of “interests of cricket is paramount” will pass the muster.

Poor little Indian cricketers

For the sake of cricket and fans, Indian cricketers will sacrifice being with their family members and play in UAE. For the sake of cricket and fans, Indian cricketers will sacrifice the martyrdom of the 20 Indian soldiers, China’s claim on India’s territory, and play under the banner of a Chinese company. They will not mind if the BCCI Bosses have run out of their tenure and breaking the law.

Well, they are sportspersons. They are here to play and entertain the fans. Why should they speak up? What for? There is no need for them to be conscience keepers of the nation. Nobody seems to know if the so-called conscience exists in this country, why bother? Play and collect millions. Enough.

IPL 2020 confirmed

As per the newspaper today, August 3, 2020, BCCI has secured “verbal clearance” from the Government, a provisional clearance for IPL 2020. Now, this is called Ease of Doing Business. No procedural delays, no bureaucratic hurdles, no red tape. Leave aside red, there is no tape at all.

Indian Government is behaving as if COVID has already left India. Indian Government claims to have done enough by banning 59 Chinese apps to avenge the death of 20 Indian soldiers.

Why single out BCCI for IPL 2020 with sponsorship from a Chinese company in the middle of a health emergency?

3 Cheers for IPL 2020.

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