Indian Media’s Poor Little Vijay Mallya

Vijay Mallya has been in the news recently, as always. Rahul Gandhi is using Vijay Mallya to cast doubts on the integrity of the Narendra Modi Government. Nobody would dare touch Vijay Mallya with a barge-pole and you wonder what Indian Media does? Surprise, Surprise. They come up with articles defending Vijay Mallya – The Poor Little Vijay Mallya.

Sample the below:

Tavleen Singh’s Mallya is many bad things but he is not a criminal dated 16th September 2018, Indian Express.

TN Ninan’s The real problem with Vijay Mallya is that he never really grew up dated 15th September, 2018, ThePrint.

SA Aiyar’s The Maharaja’s worse than Mallya. Declare Indigo the national carrier dated 14th May 2017, Times Of India.

Who is Vijay Mallya?

I have general knowledge awareness about Vijay Mallya. He was born with a platinum spoon in his mouth and inherited an empire. He tried to dabble in politics and won a Rajyasabha seat, meaning many MLAs voted for him. Vijay Mallya owns RCB, IPL cricket team, and Force India, F1 team. He started Kingfisher Airlines, bought Air Deccan and ran both of them aground. He took a lot of loans and did not pay back. Vijay Mallya is a defaulter worth 9000 Crores or so. He owns lots of properties which have not been sold off to pay back his dues. He currently lives a luxurious life in London. Indian Government is trying for his extradition, not sure how he was allowed to leave in the first place.

Poor Little Vijay Mallya

Ever wondered what would happen to a person whose cheque bounces for Rs. 9,000/-? I suspect that he will be booked under some Indian Penal Code and can be sent to jail, I suppose. Here, we have a person who has defaulted on bank loans worth Rs. 9000 Cr and syphoned off funds. Tavleen Singh says he is not a criminal.

Ever wondered what would happen to a person who has defaulted on a loan? Among other things, his CIBIL score would have gone for a toss and nobody would give him another loan. Here, we have a person who kept defaulting and kept getting huge loans. TN Ninan says he never really grew up. I am unsure how banks kept giving loans to a person who was a kid.

Ever wondered what would happen to a person who has a court arrest warrant against him and runs away. I suppose the person would go in hiding never to show his face again else he would be caught and put in jail. Here, we have a person who runs away from the law of the land, lives lavishly and gives snippets to the press. Tavleen Singh says he is not a criminal.

Ever wondered what would happen to a person who is losing money in business. I suppose he would work to turnaround his business. Here, we have a person who kept getting into unrelated ventures despite his core business floundering and did not put his own money into his business, but other’s money. TN Ninan says he never really grew up. I am unsure how a kid was allowed into so many places.

SA Aiyer has to write a column about Air India and he needlessly brings a comparison into the headline of his article that Mallya is better than Air India. It shows what he actually wants to convey.


I am not at all suggesting that any of these 3 renowned columnists have taken money from Vijay Mallya for their writing. Not at all. These people are known for their journalistic integrity. Rather, I feel that they are just trying to pay back Vijay Mallya for the good times that they shared together. Being grateful and not jumping a sinking ship even though the Captain himself bore a hole is a noteworthy virtue.

Indian Media, in any form, cries hoarse for not being taken seriously and considers itself as some pillar of democracy. I wonder by promoting articles in the support of a fugitive what credibility they are aspiring for and what democracy they are rooting for.

What’s your say?

PS: I suppose it is in bad taste to single out Vijay Mallya and these three columnists. After all, we are the people who have made “Sanju” a blockbuster movie. Poor Little Sanju.

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