The Morals & Ethics of Indian Media – II

This is the second part of the post – The Morals & Ethics of Indian Media. For the first part, please click here. 

Indian Media has no local news

The news is limited to national/regional and as such, there are no journalists, so no local news. There are innumerable talk-shows/edits/opinion pages but no local news. It takes money to get people out there to get the stories, and it does not pay.

Indian Media takes freebies

Be it the state government or the sundry politician or the corporate, everybody is willing to get into the good books of the Indian Media. So, there are free housing, free insurance etc from the government. Politicians will give special attention to the reference letters from media-houses. Corporate will give free travels, free hampers or best, buy the ad space. And none of these will ever get reported.

Indian Media has soft porn

I will single out Times of India for starting this trend. Sex sells, and these people have no shame in taking it to the extreme. And regional media has also caught on to this easy-seller.

Indian Media has a liking for intellectualism

No matter what the leanings of the media-house, the opinion articles that they will carry will be beyond the common-sense understanding. The language will be verbose, studded with words and idioms and phrases that will necessitate the use of the dictionary. And it will be carried next to the paid news and press releases so that readers cannot make out the difference.

Indian Media is a world leader in current affairs

India may or may not be a superpower. But its self-righteous media is for sure. So, they will carry editorials on Donald Trump, North Korea, Venezuela and Nauru. And will be blissfully silent about what is happening in the neighbourhood within the country unless it becomes a sensational headline.

Indian Media will never ask for a subscription

Yes, we do pay for newspapers, a minimal amount. However, for digital content, be it either on TV or on the net or on an app, there will not be any subscription. Why? The quality is so low that there are no subscribers to pay for accessing the Indian media’s views and news.

Indian Media will not report on education, health, infrastructure, social ills, art & culture; anything beyond headline politics and celebrities

I have never found any sound analytical piece on farmers’ suicides, child marriages, rat-race of the schooling system, crumbling infrastructure, over-the-top corporate hospitals. The heritage of Indian culture and people striving to make India a better place. Forget it. Indian Media has no place for this.

Indian Media is un-naturally biased

Having an opinion is not a bad thing. However, if it is whimsical, as in the case of Times of India, they change as per the ruling party, it does not count. Indian Express, the way this paper is changing colours, I wonder what Ramnath Goenka would have to say. Be it NDTV, Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt or so-called any of the liberal media persons, they will never find anything beyond their own biases to speak about. It is a personal judgement that they speak about, not to forget Arnab Goswami.

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Indian Media does not report politics, it is into politics itself.

Few old stand-alone media-houses do exist, but beyond that, all the newcomers have a finger in each of the pie. So, almost all the TV news channels, barring those that belong to old media-houses, will either be run by a politician or the owner has entered politics himself. So much for the news, but for the personal advertisement.

Have you ever heard of any journalism course of any repute, whatsoever? It is not required for journalists, rather they are not required themselves.

If Indian Media lacks credibility and have become a laughing stock, they only have themselves to blame.

India bars 100% foreign ownership in print media. I suppose it is done with an assumption that foreign media will corrupt our people. But with our own Indian media, I don’t think any worse can happen.

Newsdog is the largest news aggregator app in India and it is Chinese.

The other option, head for Taimur Ali Khan, instead. The reason for the existence of Indian Media.

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