Lodha Committee Report and Indian Politics

There were allegations of betting and match-fixing in the IPL and allegations of corruption in some State associations. None of the office-bearers of BCCI or Government of India was interested in any enquiry in these allegations. Supreme Court of India stepped in and set up Lodha Committee to improve the governance of BCCI and to allow the cricket fans to enjoy the honest game of cricket. The committee consisted of 3 retired Supreme Court Judges with Retd. Chief Justice of India RM Lodha as the head of the committee.

I was going through the Lodha Committee Report. I felt that these recommendations do not make sense just for BCCI but for Indian Polity as a whole. After all, Cricket is a microcosm of India and what affects Cricket affects all of us as a Country. Let us go through some of these recommendations of Lodha Committee Report:

No BCCI office-bearer to be above 70 years of age

Each and every job, including that of a promoter of his own company, has a retirement age. However, Indian Politicians are not bogged down by such silly requirements. They continue to hold on to politics no matter what their age / mental status / physical status is. It is only death that can do them apart from the public service – private gains.

I am not sure how Lodha Committee arrived at 70 years and not 72-75 years or 65-68 years. It is immaterial. I am willing to settle for any retirement age for the Indian Politicians, provided there is one.

No BCCI office-bearer should have more than two consecutive terms

We have MPs and MLAs getting elected for n number of consecutive terms and what have we achieved as a result? There will be arguments that why the limit on the number of terms of elected representatives. After all, they are being elected by the general public as a reward for their stellar record of public service. We all of us know that this is farthest from the truth but we would like to continue the pretence.

I understand that the Supreme Court of India has allowed two consecutive terms, by making changes to Lodha Committee recommendations. But again this is going into the details. We need to agree in principle that all elected representatives are to be allowed pre-agreed consecutive terms and after that, there has to be a mandatory cooling period. The number of years can be negotiated upon once there is in-principle agreement. It is, of course, understood that these consecutive terms will be applicable to all the family members of the elected representative as a single unit. Else, we will have all the family members – wife, son, daughter-in-law, daughter, son-in-law get elected one after the other.

BCCI should come under the RTI act

Each political party and each elected representative should be covered under the RTI act. These people are supposed to be doing public good and nothing but the public good as a stated objective. What is the harm in coming under RTI?

BCCI office-bearer can contest for a maximum of three terms with a mandatory cooling period

We need fresh minds and fresh ideas. We need new people to join the politics and not just the dynasty. This is going to happen only if the old-guard is pushed out along with his family, else there will be one political leader for the three generation of common man.

One post per person for BCCI office-bearers

We have the case of Party Leader becoming the PM and the CM and continuing to ride both the horses. Same is the case with junior leaders. Indian Politicians want to have the best of all the worlds and they actually have it, as there is nobody stopping them. Why not limit them to one post, one person principle? After all, nobody is superhuman. Alas, we are referring to Indian Politicians who are next only to God, rather God themselves.


I am wondering what is wrong in these Lodha Committee Report recommendations if they are made applicable to Indian Polity as well. Just that, the decision making is in the hands of the Indian Politicians who will never make any decisions that will ever make them accountable, responsible, transparent, any other word that connotes a positive meaning.

Last read, BCCI office-bearers are interpreting Lodha Committee Report and accompanying Supreme Court judgement in the manner that suits them the most. Trust the Indian Judiciary to leave enough loopholes in their own judgement and make ambiguous conditionality so that their profession also continues.

Indian Cricket Fan was supposed to have the maximum stake in Lodha Committee Report, but he is least bothered/interested. Exactly similar to the Indian Voter, supposed to have the maximum stake in the Governance from the elected representatives, but least bothered/interested.

PS: Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals were banned from IPL for two years. Neither Raj Kundra nor the son-in-law of N. Srinivasan went to jail for anything wrong, not even Sreesanth. Wonder how the inanimate CSK and RR could have committed a crime without any involvement of a human?

The peculiar Indian State and We are the citizens of this country. Wonder who deserves whom?

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