Jawahar Deer Park Shamirpet and Indian State

The fact that Indian State is devoid of imagination and decrepit does not require much proof as such. I went to a deer park with my family. Jawahar Deer Park, Shamirpet, Hyderabad to be precise. A simple 2-hour visit showed how Indian State fails in any of the tasks expected. Though I am talking about deer park as a specific, it can be generalized to any place, any product, and any service run by any Indian Government.

All of the statements fromĀ Telangana Tourism website about Jawahar Deer Park, Shamirpet are copy-pasted below with my observations:

“The park stretches over a vast area of 54 acres with deciduous forest giving shelter to a wide array of animals.”

From the entrance gate, you can walk a maximum of 200-250 m. After which you will get stopped by the corroded, on the verge of breaking down and just about hanging in, grill. I have no idea whether the park area is 54 acres or 4 acres or anything in between. Just that, we have to take Government at the face value, though it has none.

Within this 200-250 m that you walk up to, you cannot make out whether you are walking in a deciduous forest or a man-made walk-way. It is surely man-made for our convenience, with no care for the environment.

A wide array of animals – I did not see any, wondering where they went.

“Famous as the home to the Blackbuck and the Chital deer, several other species of deer can also be seen in their natural habitat.”

From the grill, I can see about another 100-150 m and cannot make out what natural habitat entails. There is no mention or description of “several other species” of deer on the website or at the park. Indian State does not go into specifics, you see.

“The serene Shamirpet lake and the thick vegetation around the park makes it a charming picnic spot.”

Shamirpet lake is nearby but did not see any physical connection between the lake and the deer park. Thick vegetation is somewhere around the corner, maybe, however not able to make out the corner. Wondering what picnic to do in a space of 200-250 m.

“Towering trees, different hued flowers growing and wild, a cobalt blue lake is what meets your eye once you enter the vicinity of Shamirpet Deer Park.”

Once I enter the vicinity of deer park, there is no lake that meets the eye, leave aside the cobalt blue lake. I do not suppose, with the level of pollution that we have, that we have any cobalt blue coloured water-body left anywhere in the country.

In a man-made path and play-area of 200-250 m, cannot make out any towering trees or different hued flowers.

“The Shamirpet lakes give a fresh lease of life to the area and its residing animals explaining why wildlife frequents this area during summer.”

Neither did I see any life in the area or the reason why wildlife should frequent this area during summer, in particular. Actually, quite peculiar.

“Shamirpet Deer Park stretches over a vast area of deciduous forest which gives shelter to a wide array of animals.”

In a space of 5 statements, Indian State has run out of options of what to write further so they copy-paste the 6th statement from above. Too typical.

Wildlife area of 54 acres (if true) does not come easy and it can be made as engaging and entertaining as possible. Just that the Indian State is bereft of any ideas.


The park has the only deer. Why cannot it be an open park with visitors allowed to mingle with the deer and feed them? The area of the park is 54 acres, if not an open park, why not a safari? If not a safari, why not a walk-way through the park, so that visitors can actually see the natural habitat and the deciduous forest?

The park is sure to have wildlife. Why not real-life models with the details of their evolution, food, habitat, habits, scientific names etc? Why not the similar details for towering trees and different hued flowers? Asking the current staff about this draws blank stares. It is actually a rocky terrain, the focus on rocks itself can make it a full-fledged event.

The park is in the vicinity of the lake, but the connecting link is missing. Why not connect the two?

The watch-tower is in a dilapidated condition. Not able to understand whether it broke down or the construction was cancelled when it was half made.

No matter the time of the year, the park closes down at 5 pm. The Government staff eager to go home will start driving out the visitors from 4.45 itself.

The urinal – it stinks. What else can be expected?


Trust the Indian State to make an interesting task as least engaging and least imaginative as possible.

An opportunity to engage with Mother Nature and learn more about turns out to be a repulsive experience. The so-called 54 acres condensed into 200-250 m and no information about the wild animals or their habitat or the trees or the rocks? And nobody to speak to either.

A completely dis-heartening experience. Similar to Indian State with any other service or any other product.

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