Indians Win, India Lose

A country’s identity is made up of her citizens/countrymen. A country is what her people do and are known for. A country is a sum-total and more of her residents.

Whenever mention comes of Indians, all the positive adjectives come to life. We love ourselves and portray us as world conquerors in all the different words and phrases that we know – the bottom line being we are winners as Indians. I also agree with this view, no matter who the Indian is, he is always a winner.

Government Job: Over 2.8 Cr people applied for 90,000 Group C and Group D jobs in Indian Railways in March 2018. For UPSC 2017, 10 lacs people applied for 980 vacancies.

With such high number of applications for government jobs, it is evident that whoever gets the coveted position, irrespective of the grade and the salary, is a winner for life in India. It is a job which will take care of the person, his family and also his next 7 generations – all of them will gain from the clout of this status. The job holder is called a government servant but in reality is a MASTER of whatever he controls. Life-long receivables with no deliverables – A winner all the way.

Private Job: The person gets the perks and the incentives, and the qualitative benefits of being in a job. The person needs to work a little bit harder as compared to a government job, but that is it. All other honours of being in a job continue with the society looking upon the person, as not everybody in India is lucky enough to get a job in the first place. A winner for sure.

Self-employed: These people come in various categories, but all of them are winners.

Highly qualified: There is no market-determined rates for doctors, lawyers, CAs, architects; they are free to charge as they will; at the quality, as they will.

Traders: India is a country of middle-men, do I say more?

Shopkeepers: Less of quantities, less of change and more of pricing, more of self-benefit.

Auto drivers: Barring Mumbai, I have never come across any city where these people ply by meter, they are on their own.

Uber / Ola drivers: A taxi driver earning more than Rs. 50,000 per month, what do you want more?

Farmers: They get free water, free electricity, highly subsidized fertilizers, loan waivers and a lot of lip service.

Industrialists: They get to contribute to nation building by increasing NPAs to banks and their names are kept a secret to protect their privacy.

Politicians: There are winners and there are champions, they are called politicians in India, a cut above the rest.

And yes, none of the above has to pay any taxes. Qualified winners.

Hindus: They are the majority and becoming more and more muscular by the day, do not cross their path, they are the winners.

Minorities: All the political parties come calling to them as they tend to vote en-masse and get supported by self-styled secular liberals, winners in their own ways.

General category: Centuries of dominance, playing side-kick to the rulers, has led them to cement their position in the society, they continue to be winners.

SCs / STs / OBCs: With 15%, 7% and 27% reservation, they are the up-coming winners with no increase in merit cut-offs.

Pl feel free to add any of the categories / to any of the categories that I might have missed out on.

No matter who the Indian is, he will always be knowing somebody in the corridors of power, he will know how to exert influence for his own benefit, he will always have somebody in the US / UK / Gulf to send the money, he will either game the system himself or know how to use the system to his own benefit.

Indians are winners, the epitome of virtues; a privileged lot.

Just that whenever mention comes of India, nothing positive comes out of it. Indians will call their country an upcoming super-power. Just that whatever metric you consider that the other countries use, we will always be bringing up the rear. Leave aside the rankings, look at our living standards – the air, the water, the public infrastructure, the hygiene, our notion of accepted societal practices; just forget it from the safe confine of our homes.

As an Indian, I win personally, just that I don’t know how to win collectively for my society, my country.

PS: There are farmers who commit suicides; they are not the Indians who win. There are self-motivated people who work for the betterment of the country, of the society; they do not get any recognition – monetary or otherwise, they are not the Indians who win. These are the people who lose but actually make India win.

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