India Discounted. Republic Day / Independence Day on Sale

26th January 2018, 9.30 am: Prime Minister laying the wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti, saw on Youtube, DoordarshanNational. Viewers were 60k.

26th January 2018, 10.05 am: National Anthem started after the flag hoisting, saw on Youtube, DoordarshanNational. Viewers were 90k.

What would be the viewership for IPL match on Hotstar? A million +.

Ofcourse, more people will see Republic Day Parade on TV than on Youtube, DoordarshanNational; similarly, more people will see a IPL match on TV than on Hotstar.

What would be a comparison for Republic Day Parade and an IPL match? No comparison. They are 2 different events. For that matter, can viewership of Republic Day be compared with any other serial on TV, or with live News on TV or for that matter Bigg Boss, which claimed to get the highest viewership (whatever it means)? Surely not.

Does not seeing a Parade or viewing IPL match (or any of the other mentioned above) make you un-patriotic? Not at all. It is a matter of personal choice basis lot many other factors.

All Modern Trade retailers announce Sale on Republic Day and Independence Day. Now, e-commerce players have also joined the band-wagon. Customers have to shell out MRP on Festive occasions, for Independence Day and Republic Day, they get the biggest discounts. Retailers consider it as a matter of pride – the footfalls and the sales on these 2 days. Does it mean that any of these retailers or their customers do not value their country? No, it is just a case of convenient shopping.

Telecom companies charge sms at higher price on Festivals (wondering who uses sms in the era of whatsapp), but Independence Day and Republic Day sms are at regular price. Does it mean that smses should be sent for Independence Day and Republic Day? No.

Prime Minister, Chief Ministers and the horde of Government shall un-furl the Tri-colour. Army and Police shall salute the Tri-colour. All shall stand for the National Anthem. Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations get over in 3 hours and 1 hour respectively, for the Government concerned. Does it imply that events shall continue for the whole day, for the week prior or after? No, they are well too occupied and can devote the only time, which they already have done.

Companies, large or small, give the holiday to their employees; well they have to. Could they have done more for the celebration? No, see the reason for the Government officials, it applies here also.

At the time of flag-hoisting in the Institute where I was studying (with compulsory hostel accommodation with-in the campus), only a hand-ful of students were present with similar paltry number of professors, Director remarked: Future of India is asleep in the hostel of my Institute. Does it mean that we should have let go off the sleep on the day when the classes do not start at 8 am? No.

For the self-employed, holiday on these 2 days means loss of pay, better to work. After all, have stomachs to fill at home. Only the salaried class gets holidays, PF, pension, LTA, medical etc, not these people. So they do deserve exemption, and for once, I am serious about this.

I suppose Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations have to beyond the mandatory  essay-writing in school, ritualistic celebrations by the Government, what else is the celebration by the citizen?

If you are having issues with not able to sleep, listen to the Republic Day parade commentary, it will lull you to sleep. Republic Day parade started in a different era with a just-born country, to give the belief and self-confidence to her citizens; can we have a different version of the Parade in line with the times?

Well, I am questioning the tradition, as it does not have any value for me now. Does it make me un-patriotic? For you to answer.

PS: Big Bazaar is running major discounts, Amazon has extended the sale, I am off shopping.


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