How Rahul Gandhi Can Still Become Prime Minister

It is fairly evident that Rahul Gandhi wants to become Prime Minister of India. Though for all practical purposes, he is not going to become one in his lifetime. This is also fairly evident.

Against all odds, is there actually a way in which the unthinkable can happen? Yes, it is possible.

Rahul Gandhi to apologize for his dynasty

Rather than carrying the “Gandhi” dynasty all over his self, Rahul Gandhi is better suited if he denounces it. He should tell the people not to hold against him that he is born in the Gandhi dynasty. He should say that he really wants to work for the betterment of the country and he should be judged for his plans and actions, and not his surname.

Yes, it is true that we have a surfeit of dynasts in our political system. So, Rahul Gandhi would want to think that why should this be held against him? The reason is that the Indian electorate is not going to vote for anyone in the name of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, any more. Nobody, who is going to vote, even remembers Jawaharlal Nehru.

As soon as, Rahul Gandhi apologizes for his dynastic birth, he becomes an underdog in front of the Indian electorate. He will no longer be considered the privileged Prince who considers Prime Ministership of the country as his birth-right. He can say that he believes in the principles of hard work, being a self-made person and not just by being born in a certain family.

Not just the youth of the country, but the entire country will stand up for him, should he do this.

The Gandhi surname is a liability in today’s India. Just that Congress would not want to believe this. And, they continue the same bubble around their supreme leader.

Rahul Gandhi has to let go of age-old crony sycophants and fellow dynasts

Rahul Gandhi is in a fool’s paradise to think that people will actually vote for him in the name of Chidambaram, A K Antony, Jairam Ramesh, Digvijaya Singh, the Surjewala fellow and the likes. For ages, Congress has been associated with corruption. Just that, the defunct Indian judicial system does not put anyone behind bars.

If Rahul Gandhi wants to be taken seriously, he has to dump these fraudulent leeches. Along with them, he also has to do away with other dynasts. It is so much of a coincidence in this country that when the father is into politics for service to the nation, the children also, necessarily, bleed for the country.

It is very much possible that after the above two steps, there is none left in Congress. That is the price to convince the Indian electorate that he is serious about the country and not about what Congress has been doing ever since.

Set a new narrative for the country

There has been enough of Nyay and all the corresponding nonsense, nobody believes it. India wants to talk about aspiration and hope, ambition and optimism and not doles.

The need of the time is to look beyond what has been discussed and what is being spoken about. He has to show that he has the calibre of a leader by coming up with a narrative that portrays progress and growth, steps forward and not static, leave aside backward.

Rahul Gandhi has to talk about the real development of the masses and the dissolution of the Government, that has served only its own self. For example, the reservation India needs more.

The confidence of Pappu

More than anything, Rahul Gandhi has to learn to say “Pappu Paas Hoga” in public. The day he can make people chant with him “Main Bhi Pappu”, he will be the next Prime Minister of the country.

Summing Up

My daughters woke me up to reality. Whatever written above is just a flight of fancy, similar to Rahul Gandhi’s fantasy of becoming the Prime Minister of India.

He will keep wondering why Narendra Modi keeps winning elections in India. He will not look at his own self in the mirror, why the Indian electorate does not trust him.

With Rahul Gandhi as a friend, who needs enemies? With Rahul Gandhi as an enemy, who needs friends?

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