Government of India Believes COVID-19 Has Already Left India

As on 27th July 2020, India has 14 lacs + COVID cases. The patients, they are not just numbers but humans, affected with coronavirus keep increasing day by day. The horror stories of COVID patients not able to find hospital beds abound. 32 k people have died till now. It is anybody’s guess if they would have been alive today but for the virus.

The Indian Government, Centre and States, started on a bright note in their fight against COVID. The Prime Minister addressed the nation directly to guide the people against coronavirus. India had a stringent lockdown, so to say. Unfortunately, in reality, it was a half-baked lockdown with half-baked results.

Today, we round up the Top 3 globally in COVID cases. We are in the company of the United States and Brazil; the two countries who have completely botched up their response to the pandemic. Their presidents are vocal about their idiocy; refuse to acknowledge the severity of infections in their countries and lead their citizens on the path of death.

Seemingly, our leadership is no different. Indian leaders are turning out to be silent killers. Apart from not speaking like Trump and Bolsonaro in public, how has Narendra Modi distinguished himself in his fight against COVID? You would be forgiven to think that COVID has already left India if you look at the plans of the Indian Government to protect the people. Simply because there is no plan.

No to lockdown

Till date, every country in the world that has had an outbreak of COVID has got the infections in control because of the lockdown. European countries suffered badly, and today they can claim to have weathered the first peak of the pandemic. How did they do this?

Till date, every country in the world that has NOT brought COVID infections under control has one common feature. No to lockdown. These countries keep suffering, count of infections and deaths keep rising daily and so does the stubbornness to lockdown.

Ok, fine, India does not want a lockdown. We had one, it did not kill the virus. So, we will not have another.

No to tests for everyone

India wants to unlock, rather already unlocked, even though the Prime Minister is coy to address the nation about unlock. How does one give trust to people that it is safe to go outside? How does one give confidence to people that we need to live with the virus? There is only a sure-shot answer. Tests.

The Indian Governments, across the board, has refused steadfastly to widen the tests. One need to have the symptoms, one need to be a contact of the COVID patient, one needs to get the Doctor’s prescription to get a test. In short, not enough tests. Leave aside, tests for everyone.

Ok, fine, India does not want to do tests full-on. We do tests, but only in rationed numbers. We cannot have a free market for tests.

No to hospital beds for everyone

Indian leaders want the normalcy to return, even though they do not give universal testing. It is sub-optimal but we have learnt to live with such limitations in the past, we might as well do now. But what happens when one does get infected with COVID?

Does any Indian Government, Centre or States, guarantee medical care for the COVID patient? Does any Indian Government, Centre or States, even ensure availability of a hospital bed for the COVID patient? The answer is a resounding NO.

Ok, fine, India cannot assure proper treatment for COVID patients. So what? It has never done so in the past too. PM-JAY is a joke in itself.

No to economic support

People are losing jobs. The entrepreneurs are suffering. The plight of migrant workers is the worst. What one expects during these torrid times? The Government will step in to alleviate their misery. The Government will give money for survival.

What do the people get? Some mumbo-jumbo of Atmanirbhar Bharat. RBI cuts the interest rates, the only thing it does know under Shaktikanta Das. Yes, one more thing. Kick the can of EMI of down the road for six months. Just that, it will get heavier by the weight of accumulated interest.

Ok, fine, India cannot pay for the survival of her citizens. They have to learn to be Atmanirbhar. Why bother Government for such trivialities?

No to community transmission

India has 14 lacs+ cases. However, the Government of India maintains that there is no community transmission in the country. They might as well say that a certain Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is alive.

When you bluff, you might as well bluff anything. It gives some entertainment during these times.

COVID has already left India

India says no to lockdown. India won’t do tests either. The COVID patients won’t get a guarantee of a hospital bed. The Government won’t spell out a relief package for citizens in their hour of need. Yes, it does provide comedy by saying that there is no community transmission.

What do all these add up to? Government of India has no plan to fight the coronavirus. Actually, there is no need for a plan. Because COVID has already left India. No COVID, no plan. Or is it no plan, no COVID. Who cares?

3 cheers for India’s successful defeat of COVID. Narendra Modi has a speech ready to proclaim victory. Just that, few stupid Indians keep getting infected and keep dying.

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