Ola Auto Access Fee and Indian State

Ola is promoting Ola Auto vigorously. They have Ola Auto Access Fee when you book an auto on the Ola app. Have you ever wondered what is the value addition done by Ola for the Ola Auto Access Fee? The Ola Auto Access Fee I and some of my acquaintances have tried booking Ola Auto […]

10 jobs in India that nobody should do

India is an aspiring global super-power nation or rather it is already one, as per some. Media is awash with how Indians are dominating the world and all, and that is what we like to believe and talk about. Just that nearer home, I come across few jobs that nobody should be doing – either […]

Indians Win, India Lose

A country’s identity is made up of her citizens/countrymen. A country is what her people do and are known for. A country is a sum-total and more of her residents. Whenever mention comes of Indians, all the positive adjectives come to life. We love ourselves and portray us as world conquerors in all the different […]

India Discounted. Republic Day / Independence Day on Sale

26th January 2018, 9.30 am: Prime Minister laying the wreath at Amar Jawan Jyoti, saw on Youtube, DoordarshanNational. Viewers were 60k. 26th January 2018, 10.05 am: National Anthem started after the flag hoisting, saw on Youtube, DoordarshanNational. Viewers were 90k. What would be the viewership for IPL match on Hotstar? A million +. Ofcourse, more […]