5 things that define India’s Youth

I am sure that each one of us has come across a tribute to the Young Indians. We have read that India is home to the world’s largest youth population and how it is going to re-shape the world. We know that India has the demographic dividend in her favour by having the youngest and the biggest work-force in the world. We have been told that India’s youth has changed and is leading the transformation all-across. We see the young people all around us, as proof.

To put the above notions in practice, we also need to know a few other things, I suppose.

What is it that keeps the Young Indian Generation busy? What is it that defines India’s youth? What is it that binds the Young Indian Generation across caste, religion, class, language and whatever that has differentiated India till now? What is it that is going to lead India’s youth to herald a new future for India?

Here are the 5 things.

Entrance Exams

Young India is busy preparing and giving exams for the Government jobs. India’s youth spends the precious years running around the mirage of the Bank / Government jobs, at all levels, including that of a sweeper. I am not going to repeat the numbers that give UPSC exams each year or that 2 Crore people are vying for 1 lac odd Railways jobs.

There is also another India’s youth that gets a degree from IITs, gives entrance exam of SAT / GMAT  / whatever and leaves India.

Entrance exams, none the less, a full-time occupation for India’s youth.

Big Boss

I am sure that in a near future, for all 365 days a year, there will be a Big Boss show running in at least one of the Indian languages. After the painstaking preparations for the entrance exams, India’s youth needs to be refreshed and Big Boss is the answer. India’s youth also tries out Splitsvilla / Roadies for a change of mood.

For better refined of the SAT / GMAT / whatever types, Netflix / Amazon Prime / Web series serves the purpose.

Work hard for entrance exams, Party hard for Big Boss is the motto of India’s young generation.


India’s youth, across the board, will invariably have a Jio SIM in his / her mobile. With other mobile operators, the going was a bit slow; but ever since Jio is launched, the appetite for data of India’s youth keeps increasing.

It is after-all the Jio that keeps the social network / Youtube/movie download engine for India’s youth going.

Yuva Sena

This is in particular to India’s rural youth. They make Fan Clubs of their favourite movie stars and join their political parties. Else, they end up joining political parties that offer the maximum opportunities to loiter around. Nothing gives more high than going berserk on a motor-cycle with sloganeering, followed by a booze party.


India’s youth, cutting across geographical, religious, caste and class divide are by-standers. They can and will take umpteen number of selfies and videos on their smart-phones and watch endless movies.

Just that when faced with a decision-making moment / making sense of their life, they will be standing by.

Maybe the situation is not as bad as I have portrayed above. Maybe India’s youth is going to change the world. Maybe India’s young generation is going to be the leading light for humanity.

Just that, India’s youth has been let down by their parents, the educational system, the government and above all their own country, devoid of opportunities, ideas and guidance. And, they too join the bandwagon.

Wonder what India’s youth is going to achieve, if at all.

What’s your say?

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